Texas Murals Make for a Surefire, Nostalgia-Filled Road Trip

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Tony Maples Photography


Known for its unique roadside attractions, Texas also has a surplus of excellent murals that get their fair share of fame. The “wish you were here” motif of the Texas postcard has been used in a number of great wall art projects, and if you ever get the itch, a road trip to capture your own great image is worth the planning. Colorful and attractive, these murals serve more than one purpose. Not only do they catch the eye, but they produce a nostalgia – a sense of a bygone era when things seemed simpler, and life was perhaps just a little easier.

1. Alpine

Texas Murals Can Make for a Nostalgia-Filled Road Trip

Photo: Instagram/savannah_lb

It’s not hard to tell where this was taken, but it is hard to walk past this Texas mural without wanting to take a picture! This great work of art captures a lot of Texas symbolism and hits the nostalgic nail right on the head.

2. New Braunfels

Texas Murals Can Make for a Nostalgia-Filled Road Trip

Photo: Instagram/lefchek

This big beauty, taken in New Braunfels, in the Texas Hill Country, features images of local lore, gorgeous colors, and a backdrop of the Hill Country to pull it all together nicely.

3. Fort Worth

Texas Murals Can Make for a Nostalgia-Filled Road Trip

Photo: Instagram/brumbaughsfw

From this photo snapped on a beautifully sunny day, it’s easy to see the beauty of this Texas mural as the work of art that it is. Tagged at a Fort Worth location, this mural has been the backdrop for a variety of social media posts, making it quite the popular locale.