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Texas Couponing Mom Receives New Car After All of Her Harvey Relief Efforts

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Earlier this month, news outlets like the Statesman reported that San Antonio, Texas resident Kimberly Gager put her amazing couponing skills to work after she saw the devastation Harvey left. Wanting to help, she posted on Facebook that she needed help picking up a huge stockpile of items, and she already had the coupons ready.

Gager ended up with an entire garage filled with supplies and toys for kids in Texas who had lost everything. She even went the extra mile and offered to do laundry for Hurricane Harvey victims, too. Gager truly knows how devastating hurricanes can be since she lost everything in Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

Now, KSAT reports that it’s time for Gager to receive. An Austin, Texas company that offers coupons, RetailMeNot, reached out to her to deliver a brand new car to replace the one she was having trouble with. RetailMeNot posted photos of Gager smiling ear-to-ear with her new KIA with a red bow on it to Facebook and Twitter.

“It is definitely going to help me make more deliveries, and I can go further now. Hopefully, I can go back and forth to Houston. It’s definitely going to allow me to help more people,” Gager told the news, not slowing down her efforts to help those in need. One of many people trying to help Texas recover from the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey, Gager began to immediately help as many as she possibly could through her coupon skills.