Texas NFL Teams: What Will You Remember From the 2017 Season

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During the Christmas Day matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans, many fans may not have been blown away that our beloved Houston team lost. The Steelers are recognized as one of the NFL’s best teams at present, with a record of 12-3. The Texans have a not-so-stellar record of 4-11.

But, for those that similarly didn’t want the Dallas Cowboys to succeed in their bid for a playoff spot, there was light at the end of the tunnel, as their hopes too were dashed. The more ironic part to all of this was the poor Cowboys fans had spent a large part of Sunday pulling for all the other teams that needed to have a win in order to help the Cowboys advance to the playoffs – the irony being that their own team managed to lose to the Seattle Seahawks in a score of 21-12, effectively putting an end to their playoff hopes and quieting absolutely ever possible Texas NFL team fan.

Although playoff hopes are dashed for both teams, and we presently look forward to a cold Superbowl scheduled to be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota (which is a stark contrast to last year’s event which was held right here in Texas) the effort of team members and the community service they put into their respective Texas cities and services will not be forgotten. The events of 2017 that brought several of them to the limelight will also be forever etched in our brains, unlike the fairly unmemorable fact that a playoff spot wasn’t clinched.