Texas’ Oldest Hardware Store is Alive and Kicking in New Braunfels

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Henne Hardware, located in downtown New Braunfels, has been in continuous operation for more than 150 years. The venture started as a tinsmithing business by German immigrant, Johann Henne, shortly after he arrived in New Braunfels (by way of the port of Galveston in 1845). Henne paid $120 for the piece of land where the hardware store still stands today on San Antonio Street.

Over time, the business evolved to become a general hardware store, very similar to how it is today. In the late 1800s, before there were banks in New Braunfels, the hardware store served as a bank to locals. Evident still today are the “trolleys” used to carry money throughout the building and the large safe.

A Blast From the Past

Henne Hardware inside view

Photo: Flickr/Clio1789

Also notable in the store are the original display cases and nail bins, which harken back to a time before merchandise had to be under lock and key to prevent theft. The building also boasts a small basement – which (surprisingly enough) is not necessarily a rarity among New Braunfels’ downtown buildings. This basement is said to have hosted many a card game among the city’s menfolk, back in the day.

Retro Toys That Delight Children Of All Ages

Henne Hardware toys

Photo: Facebook/Thebeniceexpress

These days, Henne Hardware is your one-stop shopping location for just about anything you might need (and even some stuff you didn’t know you needed). Locally famous for their cast iron kitchen ware and their selection of retro children’s toys, Henne Hardware is a shopping destination unlike any other in town. With a beautiful selection of high-quality, made in the USA gardening equipment, porch furniture and Radio Flyer wagons and tricycles, Henne Hardware delights locals and visitors alike who have fond memories of shopping at similar stores during their childhood.

A Friendly Alternative to “Big Box” Stores

Henne Hardware outside

Photo: Flickr/Clio1789

Friendly, knowledgeable employees are always on hand to answer your plumbing, electrical or even pest-control questions at Henne Hardware. Speaking of pest control, the store’s well-cared for resident cats are often seen, diligently holding down the pile of brown paper bags used for gathering your bulk purchase of nails or screws.

Henne Hardware is where New Braunfels locals go when they need advice or just a friendly Saturday afternoon visit. In our culture of “Big Box” stores on every corner, it’s refreshing to visit a store who maintains success while conducting personalized, small-town business. Henne Hardware’s legacy of helpful, high-quality goods stretch across centuries and generations of New Braunfels residents and visitors alike.