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Texas Husband and Wife Named World’s Oldest Living Married Couple

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A Texas Hill Country couple has recently been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living married couple. John and Charlotte Henderson of Austin, Texas have a combined age of 211 years. John is 106 years old, while Charlotte is 105. What’s their secret? It could have something to do with their love for the University of Texas… but we might be just taking a guess.

The Hendersons were married on December 15, 1939. 2019 will mark their 80th anniversary. They tid the knot during the Great Depression. Local reports indicate the hotel room at which they spent their honeymoon cost only $7. That may not seem like much now, but calculated against inflation, it would equal roughly $125.00.

Texas Husband and Wife Named World’s Oldest Living Married Couple

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The couple met in a University of Texas class in 1934. John was a player for the Longhorns football team, while Charlotte studied to become a teacher. In addition to the record of being the world’s oldest living married couple, John Henderson also holds the record for being the world’s oldest living former University of Texas football player. The Hendersons have an annual tradition of attending at least one University of Texas football game each season and have done so for the last 84 consecutive years. As Longhorns alumni, the couple resides at Longhorn Village, which is a retirement community designed for former university staff and students. According to local reports, the Hendersons continue to live a healthy and happy life, which they attribute to living in moderation and being affectionate and respectful to one another.

People all around the world are sure to find inspiration from the couple’s long-running love story and optimistic way of looking at the world. Do you know a couple who have been married nearly as long the Hendersons? How many years? Let us know; we’d love to hear the story of their romance!