Texas Panhandle Wildfire Facebook Post Shows Perseverance Predicated on Faith & Hope

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After the wildfires had blazed across the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado, taking with them hundreds of thousands of acres, human life and livestock in the process, many people and organizations took it upon themselves to offer support, lend a hand, as well as pray for all those that were affected. Firefighters, neighbors, friends, and strangers from across America have stepped up to assist, and subsequently, although they’re unable to thank everyone personally, some of those suffering losses in the area have taken to social media to express their appreciation and thankfulness with both faith and hope.

One great example of this was a Facebook video post from March 11, 2017, by James Roberts on his personal account, containing a montage of scenes from the raging wildfires, speckled by photos those that helped together with positive messages about finding strength and guidance in these tough times for the Texas Panhandle.

With close to 60,000 views and numerous uplifting comments, Roberts’ video post clearly reverberated with Texans as well as others across the country, giving a voice to those looking to express their gratitude for assistance as well as those needing help making their miracle happen after such devastation. The outpouring of love and the reciprocated appreciation that came from this natural disaster has been heard throughout North America, and although help will still be needed for some time to come, this display acknowledges those involved, as well as the efforts of those in support.