Texas Photo Gets Global Attention: ‘Angel’ Image Sends Message of Hope

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When Danny Ferraro turned onto Texas State Highway 105, his wife immediately looked up and exclaimed, “Wow, that’s an angel!” That was her first impression as they made the turn in Montgomery, seeing a group of clouds gathered together in an angelic fashion. The clouds would result in an angel photo that would quickly go viral.

They were clustered in a design that resembled a celestial being and were covering the sun, which resulted in glowing rays emitting from all around them. The crepuscular rays gave Ferraro the sense they held a meaning which was deeper for him. He felt as though God were saying that He was always with us. Ferraro believed everyone who saw it there on the road thought that it held some meaning. He further explained that the cloud formation lasted only briefly, but the timing was such that he was able to take a photo of it. He shared it with local media outlets, which then carried the story at the beginning of August 2018.

Texas Photo Gets Global Attention: ‘Angel’ Image Sends Message of Hope

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

The Lake Conroe area is synonymous with beautiful Texas sunsets, and Ferarro took the angel photo and posted it to his Facebook page. He said it was truly a moment he’d never forget. To others, it may have simply seemed like a common moment in which rays from the sun were cutting through the clouds. However, to Ferraro, it was a message of hope. Others apparently supported him in that concept, as the pictured garnered worldwide attention. It’s had 19K shares and close to 3K in reactions, not to mention the 795 comments its received to date, many of which are in varying languages. The common thread appears to be the glimmer of hope this beautiful image draws from its viewers. What do you see when you look at Ferraro’s photo?

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