Texas Proud Tattoos – Tributes That Stand The Test of Time

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Texans are a proud lot, and they ain’t afraid to show it. From state flags flying on pickup trucks to t-shirts blazoned with various Texas sayings, there’s not much a Texan won’t do to display their Texas-sized pride. It only stands to reason, then, that some Texans have chosen the ultimate means of honoring the Lone Star State. A tattoo. Check out these five impressive tributes to our one-of-a-kind home state, our very own Texas.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Classic black ink tattoo of State of Texas with a heart, cabin, and silhouettes of bluebonnets, butterflies and strawberries


The crisp black lines of this tattoo really let the meaning of this tattoo shine through. From the Poteet strawberries to the jackrabbit and welcoming cottage in the trees, this tattoo is a classy commendation to our favorite Texas things.

Those Texas Wildflowers

Vibrant tattoo of Texas wildflowers with a silhouette of Texas against blue background


Spring time in Texas can only mean one thing: wildflowers. From El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley, these blooming beauties are all around. The bold colors in this tattoo, along with the negative-space outline of Texas, all combine to form a striking tribute to the Lone Star State.

Mess With the Bull, Get the Horns

Texas flag painted inside the outline of a Texas longhorn


What do you get when you combine the official state large mammal and the official state flag in one grand tattoo? A reminder why Texas really is the greatest state in the US of A. The ripples of the flag within a longhorn silhouette exudes Texas pride. Seeing this tattoo should remind anyone that they really should not mess with Texas.

Tough on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

Colorful tattoo of an armadillo nestled inside a prickly pear cactus


How much more Texas can you get than the official state mammal (small) nestled in the state plant? The vibrant colors of this bold tattoo blend together just right, making you want to crawl right up next to that armadillo, thorns be damned. Both state icons symbolize the rough exterior of this rugged state, yet still hint at its softer side too.

Barbed Wire Halo

State of Texas tattoo outlined in barbed wire

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