Texas Ranch Offers Sherman Tanks, and That’s Not All!

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In the story of your life, at some point perhaps you want to see the words, “…drove a tank, shot a cannon, and used a flame thrower…” Some of you may think this could never be a reality unless you were an action movie star, but fact is stranger (and more fun) than fiction! Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas features the opportunity for guests to do just that.

Buzzfeed recently shared its Facebook video showing the social media world just how far out this guest and hunting ranch on a sprawling 18,000 acres in Texas really is. Looking to try your hand with a flame thrower? They’ve got that too. Marketing themselves as “the most exciting hunting ranch in Texas,” Ox Ranch has cornered the market on outrageous experiences.

With website testimonials from the likes of Razor Dobbs and Ted Nugent, it’s tough to imagine that testosterone doesn’t lace the corn flakes at this modern-day adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. But when an average Joe or Jill gets behind the controls of a Sherman tank, apparently miracles can happen! The online testimonials in the Buzzfeed video alone sound empowering and just plain fun. Ox Ranch in Texas: allowing real life John McClane’s live out their “Yippie-Ki-Yay” fantasies, one cannon blast at a time!