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The Texas Ranger Heritage Center

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When asked to describe the role that Texas Rangers have played in our state’s history, Former Texas Ranger Retired Senior Captain Bruce Casteel says, “It would be difficult to have the state we have today if not for the Texas Rangers.”

To honor those who have served, and to educate and inspire those who want to learn more, the Texas Ranger Heritage Center in Fredericksburg, Texas pays homage to this amazing group of men.

“What do the Texas Rangers stand for? They stand for Texas.”

-Former Ranger Joaquin Jackson

From the Beginning



The Texas Rangers began as a squad of 10 men that Stephen F. Austin charged with protecting the settlers that were making a home in the land that would become Texas. These legendary men took on the wild west from horseback and paved the way as the oldest state law enforcement agency in America.

From the first days defending settlers against attacks by the Comanche tribes in the area, to their current role as “one of the most effective investigative law enforcement agencies in the world” (, the Texas Rangers are a proud part of our Texas history and future.

The Heritage Center Today

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Set on 12 acres just outside the town of Fredericksburg, Texas at 103 Industrial Loop #700, the Texas Rangers Heritage Center is on its way to becoming a fixture among the historical landmarks and education centers available in our great state.

The first phase of the Heritage Center opened in the fall of 2015, and visitors can walk the grounds, visit the Ranger Ring of Honor, or watch one of the LoneStar Campfire Stories at the open air amphitheater. Visitors can also speak face-to-face with both active and retired Texas Rangers who are routinely present at the facility.

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