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Texas Ranks Poorly in Study of Safest States in America

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Although Texas cities ranked well in a recent happiness study, when safety is the question, apparently, we have some issues to clear up. According to a recent study that ranked cities across America with respect to major crimes, Texas was surprisingly low on the list. We could stand to make some improvements when it comes to the safety of our families, workplaces, and homes.

The study, completed by WalletHub, compared major city centers across all states and looked at the data with respect to shootings, thefts, murders, and assaults, as well as disasters that were climate-related, injury in the workplace, and traffic deaths, among others. Out of all states, Texas ranked 47th. Those that ranked lower than us were Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Of the categories studies, Texas ranked particularly low in both road safety (referring to accidents, pedestrian fatalities, DUIs, and other driving-related instances) and personal and residential safety, including shootings, murders, rapes, terrorist attacks, and additional violent crimes. Also of interest in this study was that the Lone Star State was identified as having the highest number of uninsured residents. In comparison, those states that ranked highest in “2018’s Safest States in America” were Minnesota in third, Maine in second, and Vermont in first place.