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Texas Restaurant Aquarium Cracks During Christmas Dinner

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It was a Christmas dinner to remember when a Texas restaurant aquarium began to crack and leak. The resulting staff actions and damage were caught on camera, but the patrons say that no one dropped the ball on service!

On Monday, December 25, a very loud bang was overheard at Vietopia, a Houston-area Vietnamese restaurant. As hostesses and wait staff assisted customers, other staff members were hurriedly trying to catch leaks, avoid a huge mess, and save some fish!

“It sounded like something had fallen and some screams followed and I saw the water pouring out and they were grabbing garbage cans and mops and they worked on that for quite a while,” one patron told the local news. “Remarkably, they were still serving to people who were sitting and had already ordered. They were able to keep really calm.” While staff members reportedly strategically placed trash cans to capture the leaks, others still mopped and tried to capture the fish that were swimming in the tank.

“At one point when it was clear that they were done cleaning it up and trying to save the fish, the people at the restaurant all applauded,” the patron advised. The incident was uploaded to Facebook, where it had been viewed over 16,000 times since Christmas Day. It took some quick thinking and creative problem-solving by the staff of Vietopia to respond to the catastrophe, but it also took some cool heads to continue providing great service to Christmas customers.