A Texas Road Trip to Pick Out the Perfect Christmas Tree

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There’s nothing better to get you in the spirit of the holiday season than a trip to find the perfect Christmas tree. Thanks to our good friends at Chevrolet, our company’s owner and his wife had the pleasure of taking their family on a Texas road trip to Elgin Christmas Tree Farm. Mitch and Meg loved testing out the new 2019 Silverado LT Trail Boss, complete with all the bells and whistles. Whether you need to haul a Christmas tree back home, or if you simply want to go down the road in style, power, and luxury, this is the vehicle for you.

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm is a beautiful location in Elgin, Texas. Strolling through the grounds, the kids were delighted with all the sights and activities available at this slice of Christmas paradise. It was enough to reawaken those old-time, nostalgic feeling of Christmas magic in Mitch and Meg as well. Not only is the farm the perfect backdrop for a family photo op, but there are so many fun activities to be enjoyed. These include a scenic hayride, mazes, a playground, a wide variety of animals, old-fashioned outdoor games, and even a train ride!

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The family farm, located just off US 290, grows Virginia Pine and Leyland Cypress. Mitch and Meg were provided with a bone saw and shake, then the family got on the hayride and traveled out to the cutting fields, where they began their search for that one perfect tree. How did they go about choosing their perfect tree? The truth is, you just know perfection when you see it, and that’s true for both a Christmas tree as well as the 2019 Silverado.

Built on the legacy of the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road, the 2019 Silverado is the strongest, most-advanced Silverado ever made. Both bigger and lighter than the previous generation, this pickup boasts a bold, fluid design that isn’t just for show. It’s a truck that’s made for hard work and offers a muscular presence along with enhanced aerodynamics. Not only that,  but the spacious, redesigned cabin provides a truly luxurious feel with incredible technology like hands-free calling and texting and a mobile 4G Wi-Fi® hotspot. One thing that you won’t notice is road noise—the Silverado’s cab is incredibly well-insulated, making for a comfortable road trip. From its off-road capabilities to its highway comfort, the Silverado is in a class all by itself. Mitch and Meg especially enjoyed the heated seats, ideal for a wintery road trip!

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After strolling through the trees, the kids finally drew up in front of a magnificent Virginia Pine. The whole family knew it was exactly what they’d been looking for. Mitch used the bone saw to cut down the tree, then the helpful crew at Elgin’s shook and baled it to ready it for the ride home.

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