3 Texas Road Trips to Take Before It’s Too Late

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There are countless Texas road trip ideas swimming around the web that might simply overwhelm you in terms of choice and sites to see. (I’ll bet you didn’t even think of a foodie-style one, now did you?) So, we’re here to take the edge off of your vacation planning, while at the same time giving you a little bit of a nudge…because, honestly, the clock’s ticking! We have only so many springs, summers, and falls to hit the road. Winter is honestly quite debatable, so it’s not recommended (and that’s what potluck dinners and family are for!) Here are three Texas road trips to take before it’s too late (a.k.a., before you kick the bucket!)

1. Tour the Many Natural Wonders of Texas

3 Texas Road Trips to Take Before It’s Too Late

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If you’re looking to fill up a long weekend, here’s your opportunity. The Texas natural wonders road trip can allow you to add whatever amazing part of this state you’ve yet to see. Visit Gorman Falls, tour through Big Bend, see Hamilton Pool! There are so many natural wonders in this state that you’ll almost have an endless choice of those alone to stop and see – never mind just taking one of these trips! With many low-cost or close to free campgrounds or hotel/motel accommodations nearby these sites, you also won’t have to break into your retirement funds to accomplish it.

2. Tour the Abandoned Locales of Texas’ Forgotten Past

3 Texas Road Trips to Take Before It’s Too Late

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Due to the rather large land mass that Texas possesses, it stands to reason that a number of abandoned places remain sprinkled throughout the state. Businesses, schools, and even entire towns, that were once thriving can now be found sitting empty. These types of things fascinate many of us in that the possibility that life existed there, progress was once made there, and people spent a large part of their time there, but the buildings now are left silent and falling to decay are appealing in one fashion or another. This trip, outlined by Only In Your State, takes you to Mineral Wells, Fort Worth, Paducah, Medina, and so many other places featuring some of the state’s creepiest abandoned places!

3. Take a Texas Barbecue Trip

3 Texas Road Trips to Take Before It’s Too Late

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The process of plotting out a Texas road trip would not be complete without adding great barbecue to the list. But, instead of simply looking for it as a repast, look for it as part of your tour! Explore new places to eat which you’ve perhaps heard of, or friends have recommended. And, everyone knows that nobody does barbecue better than Texas! This trip can take you through some great little dives, some iconic stops, and some food that you’ll swear you’ll never want to put down!