Texas Man Rushes in to Stop a Robbery at an Auto Zone

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Around 9 p.m. on Friday night along Jones Road in Houston, three people attempted to rob an Auto Zone store by holding the employees at gunpoint. Luckily, there was help on the way for the employees coming from an unlikely place.

According to KHOU, a customer pulled into the parking lot right as the robbers were ordering the employees to give them the money from the cash register. The customer noticed the gun and decided to take his own gun into the store. As a license to carry permit holder, he could do so legally.

After sneaking up on the robbers and telling them to get down on the ground, the customer held them at gunpoint. The group then waited for deputies to arrive. All three of the suspected robbers were arrested on the spot at the Auto Zone.

Though many people believe they could carry out similar actions, deputies insisted that this isn’t a recommended course of events. They told the news that “it could have ended in a shootout and someone getting hurt.” It’s incredibly fortunate that everyone came away from this situation safe. The customer and employees admirably kept cool and level-headed during the situation.