Texas Scenic Views App Leads Texans to Unbelievable Wildflower Displays

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Did you ever wonder how best to find beautiful driving routes in our state? Aside from reading about them all right here, Texas A&M Forest Service has launched the Texas Scenic Views app so you can have everything right in the palm of your hand! Making its debut onto the app scene in September 2019, Texas Scenic Views helped a number of Texans find their way to some of the most amazing fall foliage views. Now it can help you do the very same for spring wildflowers!

Each year, in the springtime, we tend to go online or talk to friends and relatives about where best to get a glimpse of our beloved bluebonnets, not to mention the myriad of wildflower displays that can be seen throughout the Texas Hill Country from now through roughly June. Now we can use the Texas Scenic Views app to find the best routes, saving us time! Routes can be previewed through the app, along with reviews, directions that are downloadable, and photos from along the way. The app also features a map showing a current rating of each route! Hughes Simpson, department head for the Texas A&M Forest Service, recently said in an interview with agrilifetoday, “Texas has many extraordinary places to view scenic landscapes. This application helps connect users with those majestic hardwood forests, stunning bluebonnet fields and inspiring wide-open spaces that define this great state.” While you’re out enjoying the wildflowers and using the Texas Scenic Views app, you can also upload your bluebonnet photos, rate, and provide feedback on the routes you take.

Here’s a link to the app: Texas Scenic Views

Texas Scenic Views App Leads Texans to Unbelievable Wildflower Displays

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Not that you needed another reason to get out and experience and explore everything that Texas has to offer, but it was recently shown that there are a number of positive health benefits that can be derived from exposure to the wilderness, our forests, and the great outdoors in general. Mental fatigue decreases in the presence of our woodlands and wide-open spaces, helping to restore the mind and relax the nervous system. Texas A&M Forest Service works throughout the state to provide protection services with respect to our woodlands and natural resources, ensuring they’re sustained for the future benefit of everyone. The Texas Scenic Views app helps Texans get out and experience our trees, wildflowers, and everything that our state and private property owners work to maintain in order that they’re productive and healthy, crucial for the environment as well as the many generations of Texans who have yet to enjoy them!