Texas Sealife Center Releases Rehabilitated Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles

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A total of 114 cold-stunned sea turtles were rehabilitated and released this past weekend by the Texas Sealife Center, based in Corpus Christi, thanks to its many volunteers. The Padre Island National Seashore set the stage on Sunday, January 21 for the release, which was the result of a number of volunteer hours coordinated on behalf of the species which has suffered a blow due to the winter weather that Texas has been experiencing.

This latest release brings the total number of rescued sea turtles to over 400 for the Texas Sealife Center specifically. And, this was made possible thanks to an amazing group of volunteers as well as the many donations that came in from the public.

On Monday, January 23, the center posted a Facebook update of the release efforts, including pictures of the turtles. The post identified that their work with the sea turtles could not have been possible without those who had donated and their “…unparalleled ‘volunteer army’.” The process for the operation was further detailed in previous social media posts, noting that holding pools were required, shell cleaning was a necessity, and the requirement of a water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico at 55 degrees Fahrenheit was a prerequisite for release. The Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery also partnered with the Texas Sealife Center for this process.