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Texas Beauties Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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The votes are in and the nominees have been chosen for the class of 2017 to receive a star on the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame. Among the group of entertainment professionals in Motion Pictures, Television, Live Theatre, Radio, and Recording that have been selected to receive stars are two Texas beauties. A legend in her own right and “Queen of Tejano” music as she was lovingly known-Selena Quintanilla, and American actress, producer, director, activist, and businesswoman-Eva Longoria Baston.

Selena Quintanilla


Photo: Facebook/selenalaleyenda

Fans took to social media in bliss, as the announcement was made on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, that Selena would be among the nominees selected by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to be honored in 2017, posthumously.

Quintanilla’s untimely death shocked the world on March 31, 1995, as her life was cut short of what we can only imagine would have been many more accolades of award-winning music, movie roles, fashion statements and her community work just to name a few. 22 years later the late singer, songwriter, spokesperson, actress, and fashion designer is making headlines as the stage is set for her star debut in 2017.

The Quintanilla family released a statement on the Selena Quintanilla official Facebook page stating-“On behalf of the Quintanilla family we would like to send a very special thank you to Selena fans across the world. With your love and support debut, Selena’s legacy continues to shine like a star, making her top trending on Facebook!” Chris Perez, Selena’s husband took to his Facebook page and shared this statement-“I’d like to give a very special THANK YOU to all of you Selena fans out there for pushing for this to happen. She’s getting her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!”

Selena’s legacy reaches far beyond the barriers she broke in the Latin music world. Her philanthropic work with organizations such as Toys for Tots and numerous charity events she participated in to raise money for causes such as providing school supplies to needy children, made a lasting impact on the community, as shared by Wikipedia “Be strong minded and always think that the impossible is possible”…Selena. No truer statement can describe what this nomination brings to all those who adored and admired this legend of our time.

Eva Longoria


Photo: Facebook/EvaLongoria/photos

Another Texas sweetheart and nominee to receive her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017 is actress and active philanthropist, Eva Longoria Baston. Longoria took to her Facebook page and shared the following statement-“OMG I’m so honored to be receiving a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! I remember moving to Hollywood nearly 20 years ago and going straight to the iconic street and looking at the stars saying “I wanna have a star on this street one day!”

She also gave an endearing tribute to her idol Selena by sharing the following-“I could never have dreamed that one day I would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But even more ironic is that the same year I receive my star, so does my idol, my inspiration, my fellow Tejana, my fellow Corpus Christi native, Selena Quintanilla. She was the reason I even dared to dream that a better life was possible.”

Longoria is not only a major player in contributions to Television and Motion Pictures but her philanthropic work is to be commended. “She founded the Eva Longoria Foundation in 2012 to help Latinas build better futures for themselves and their families through education and entrepreneurship,” states her foundation website. “She also co-founded Eva’s Heroes, a San Antonio nonprofit that benefits developmentally disabled children, and serves as a spokesperson for Padres Contra el Cancer, an organization supporting Latino families who have children with cancer.” She has received numerous awards and accolades for her philanthropy, which made her a perfect choice to be added to the distinguished group of star-studded recipients on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Nomination Process

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Walk of Fame/ HCOC/Bob Freeman

Many folks may not understand the process that goes into selecting each nominee for a star. Ana Martinez-Vice President of Media Relations/Producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame had this to share-“Selena Fans wanted to send in signed petitions to nominate her for a star as she was loved across the globe, but that wasn’t the correct process. There is an application and criteria that must be met. Longevity in the business, philanthropic work are among some of the factors that are considered,” shared Martinez. “In the case of Selena, we needed to be contacted by the family and have consent for her to receive the star. A businessman and friend of the Quintanilla family approached them to ask if he could nominate Selena with their support and the family agreed to have him as their sponsor for her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

The entire list of the class of 2017 Hollywood Walk of Fame nominees are:

In the category of MOTION PICTURES:

Amy Adams, Jason Bateman, Goldie Hawn, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Brett Ratner, Ryan Reynolds, George A. Romero, Mark Ruffalo and Rita Wilson

In the category of TELEVISION:

Tyra Banks, Andre Braugher, Ken Corday, Lee Daniels, Hugh Laurie, Eva Longoria, Wolfgang Puck, Keri Russell, Haim Saban, George Segal, Sarah Silverman and Jeffrey Tambor

In the category of RECORDING:

Clarence Avant, Jerry Goldsmith (posthumous), Hall & Oates, Ice Cube, John Legend, *NSYNC, New Edition and Selena Quintanilla (posthumous)

In the category of RADIO:

Elvis Duran


Criss Angel, Jeff Dunham and Gustavo Dudamel

“The Walk of Fame Selection Committee is thrilled to announce our newest honorees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Committee looked carefully at each nominee and we feel that we have selected a great group of talent that will appeal to the tastes of many fans around the world,” stated Television Producer and Walk of Famer Vin Di Bona.


The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. With approximately 24 star ceremonies annually broadcast around the world, the constant reinforcement provided to the public has made the Walk of Fame a top visitor attraction. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce continues to add stars to the Walk of Fame as the representative of the City of Los Angeles. The Walk of Fame is a tribute to all of those who worked diligently to develop the concept and to maintain this world-class tourist attraction. The Walk of Fame is open to the public. No paid admission or assigned seating at star ceremonies.It is understood that the cost of installing a star on the Walk of Fame upon approval is $30,000 and the sponsor of the nominee accepts the responsibility for arranging for payment to the Hollywood Historic Trust, a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. The funds are used to pay for the creation/installation of the star and ceremony, as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame.