The Texas-Shaped Lazy River Seen ‘Round the World: Have You Been?

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Found at the Marriott Marquis in Houston, the first-ever Texas-shaped lazy river opened in December 2016 and has been creating quite the stir amongst state fans ever since. Featured in a number of online videos (including the one seen below), this lazy river adds a detail to the luxury hotel that will forever place it in the record books.

Opening its doors just prior to Houston hosting Super Bowl 51, the Marriott Marquis appeared on many social media accounts displaying an aerial view of its homage to Texas for all those wishing to see what it had to offer. Thousands of viewers tuned-in to short clips about the 1,000-room hotel in the downtown core that also featured a rooftop infinity pool, meeting rooms, and ample amenities. In addition to the Texas-shaped lazy river, hotel guests could also take advantage of a fitness center and full-service spa, specialty restaurants, and a two-story sports bar.

Seen here, on the Trips to Discover YouTube channel, this lazy river is a great stop to add to your Texas travel bucket list! The $355-million Marriott Marquis incorporates great design in a user-friendly atmosphere (because who wouldn’t want to float down a Texas-shaped river?). Situated on the hotel’s amenity deck, guests can float in 530 feet of Texas, from the Panhandle through to the south Texas coast. Included in its design is the opportunity to have underwater views of the park below (street level) as you take your 20-minute (on average) float of the state!