Texas Singing Lawyers Upload Hilarious ‘O Christmas Weed’ Video

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Tony Maples Photography


Hutson & Harris, two Waco-based lawyers who have taken to YouTube to sing to potential clients, or else simply to entertain, have recently posted a new video to their account that’s cracking people up. Their music message, entitled “Texas Lawyers Singing Some Holiday Advice” is a parody with the refrain, “O Christmas weed, O Christmas weed, it’s still a crime in Texas.”

Their message is simple. They’re asking you not to get arrested over the holidays because they’ll be out of town. Known for their online method of teaching people some common sense that might have slipped through the cracks, their YouTube account has such other unheard-of-elsewhere hits as, “Please Shut Up!”, “Don’t Eat Your Weed,” and “What the Hail is Going on?” This latest addition is likely to end up in some sort of Texas top-whatever list, but for now, it’s just plain funny.

What they entitle “Guerilla Marketing” is ultimately a quite creative way of getting word out regarding their services, and in the video, they say they’re going to keep it up “until the State Bar of Texas tells us to stop.” Noting in the video description, “This one doesn’t have a lot of deep legal insights. We wanted to have some fun. Happy Kwanzhanukkahmas.” They open with a hilarious bleeped-out phone message in support of their musical stylings, and they mention that feedback is always welcomed.

Then song (of course a parody of “O Christmas Tree”) is meant to remind folks that weed (marijuana, “Mary Jane”, and so on for those who don’t know) continues to be illegal in the state of Texas, and carrying on in that fashion, to the tune of “Deck the Halls,” they remind you to “shush” if you have “kush” and get arrested. Their final tune of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” reminds everyone that “…you can’t buy presents if all your money goes to bail…” Is it unique, effective, and downright enjoyable? You be the judge, they’ll be the singing lawyers!

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