Texas-Sized Truths Toward Great Personal Growth

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You’ve most likely heard of or at least thought of the tips you’ll read below, but there are some real Texas truths to how to enhance your overall happiness with life and what to focus on if you want to achieve personal growth. Your grandma, your dad, a well-meaning uncle or maybe just a friend may have mentioned these sayings before, but there’s a little Texas twist to each of them that can really engage your thought process and make you go “hmm.” Here are five Texas-sized truths that can create a more positive lifestyle and make room for personal growth.

Love Thy “New” Neighbor

Texas-Sized Truths Toward Great Personal Growth

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If you find ways to make connections with somebody new each day, at worst you’ll have made the effort, and at best you’ll have started a new friendship, and that can’t be all that bad. Choose somebody new at work, a stranger, or someone you’ve maybe lived next to for some time but never really got to know. Borrow a cup of sugar, ask how they get their grass so green or comment on their great truck…you just never know.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Pot to P*ss In

Texas-Sized Truths Toward Great Personal Growth

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Each year we tell ourselves we’re going to pay down our debt and not create any more, and yet somewhere in the process that plan can go astray. Maybe try by taking the credit cards completely off the table for a short time and focus on spending for things that you need as opposed to want. Being able to release debt will feel like a weight off your shoulders, and may be the start of a more financially-stable you.

Get Ample Amounts of Shut-Eye

Texas-Sized Truths Toward Great Personal Growth
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