Texas Songwriter Proudly Sings ‘I’ve Been Everywhere (In Texas)’

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Brian Burns is a Texas singer, songwriter, and performing artist that is proud of the Lone Star State. Have you heard his hit, “I’ve Been Everywhere (In Texas)”?

Who would’ve thought that when Johnny Cash was singing about being everywhere, Brian Burns had the perfect Texas version for the classic. Have you been everywhere in Texas that Burns lists?

Watching him perform it is a special treat in the video below, but for kicks, let’s look over just a few of the places Burns has included in his remake of “I’ve Been Everywhere (In Texas)”.

First, we have that dusty Amarillo road. Then comes Waco, Hondo, Navasota, Winnsboro, Jacksboro, Hillsboro, Santa Rosa, and we could keep going, but that’s why we’ve included the video. Besides, his voice sounds much better than ours.

Sounds like this make us proud to be from the Lone Star State and have artists like Brian Burns representing the entirety of our state, not just Austin, Dallas, or Houston in popular culture.

Anyone who throws Pflugerville into a song lyric is an A+ performer in our book. Only a true Texan instinctively knows how to pronounce it, are we right or what?