Texas State Officials to Start Youth Sport Concussion Study

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Officials are aiming to make high school sports in Texas safer for the players. This week, the University Interscholastic League will begin an extensive study alongside the O’Donnell Brain Institute at UT Southwestern Medical Center to determine how to make more protective equipment and careful rules.

The first task will be to gather important data. “Until we understand what the frequency of concussions is across the state, or a region of the state, we can’t determine when rule changes, equipment changes or things like recovery programs are really being effective,” WMBF News quotes Dr. Munro Cullum, a lead researcher for the study.

They plan to compile an unprecedented amount of data on concussions in Texas from high school sports since this issue has jumped to the forefront of the minds of players and parents after learning about long-term effects professional football players have suffered. The New York Times points out that no sport is void of a concussion risk, but football and soccer tend to have the most head injuries.

Last year the Times wrote, “Perhaps concussions would command greater respect if they were called by their proper medical term: mild traumatic brain injuries.” It seems that Texas officials have definitely taken notice of this serious issue.