Texas Summer Vacation Planning Made Easy: 4 City Centers Rank in Top 20

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If you’re planning your upcoming summer vacation, you’re going to want to read what’s up in terms of the best value for your buck, and the people at WalletHub have got you covered. The personal-finance website released its report on “2018’s Best Summer Travel Destinations” on May 16, ahead of the Memorial-Day-to-Fourth-of-July planning season, and it’s just what you need to stay abreast of things and get your vacation planned in the most cost-effective (yet fun) manner.

As a supplement to its “Best Travel Credit Cards” and its “Currency Exchange” studies, WalletHub staff worked to compare 100 destinations over 40 data indicators. All major metro areas, these summer vacation spots were measured against flight cost data, the number of attractions they boast and the average cost for a meal for two.

Texas Summer Vacation Planning Made Easy Thanks to WalletHub

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Four major urban centers in Texas ranked in the top 20 of the study’s summer vacation travel destinations, with Austin, in the Texas Hill Country, ranking at number 3. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio also ranked seventh, 10th, and 17th, respectively. Some points to take note of were:

  • The average flight to a popular summer destination costs $319, lasts 3 hours and 57 minutes and has 0.4 connections.
  • Texas ranked highly in comparison to its fellow states, having the most metro areas in the top 20. In contrast, Pennsylvania was identified as the state having the most unpopular summer destinations.

If you’re looking to plan your upcoming summer vacation and want to stay within the Lone Star State, further WalletHub report details can be found at the link provided here. If you’re from out-of-state and you want to learn more about what the Texas Hill Country is all about (where both Austin and San Antonio are located), you can read more at the link provided here. Finally, if you would like to read more about key highlights from Dallas, click here, and Houston, click the link provided here. Happy Texas summer vacation planning!