Texas Tattoo Artists Star on Hit Reality Show ‘Ink Master’

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“Ink Master” is one of those reality shows that once you start watching, you become absolutely mesmerized by the artistry, competition, and drama. In its 10th season, the show has three big reasons that Texans should tune in to the ultimate tattoo artist contest – contestant Mike Diaz from Lubbock, Deanna Smith from Denton, and Jason Elliott from College Station.

“You’re living in a house, with this season it’s over 24 different tattoo artists. So everybody tattoos their own way and everyone has their own style and their own technique. It’s awesome to get to learn something that they do and apply it to your own style of tattooing,” Diaz told KCBD. Diaz, owner of Sunken City Ink in Lubbock, applied for the show twice before making it on this year.

On the show’s premiere on Tuesday, January 9, at 9:00 p.m. on Spike, Diaz was joined by the owner of Novellus Studio tattoo shop in College Station, Jason Elliott, who told The Eagle that the most difficult part of the show was working as a team.

Last, but certainly not least, is Texan Deanna Smith who impressed judges with a unique tattoo during the premiere. The Dallas Observer quotes a judge as saying, “You know what I love about it? I’ve never seen it in this competition before.”

Check out the show to see how these Texans do this season!