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Texas Tech Names Their New Masked Rider for 2017-2018

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Texas Tech University’s official mascot, the Masked Rider, makes public appearances before sports games and at school activities, rodeos and parades. The Texas Tech website boasts that the Associated Press named the Masked Rider the “9th Best College Mascot” due to the dramatic and recognizable entrance the mascot makes by riding in on a beautiful black horse while wearing a red cape and black outfit, hat and mask.

The first Masked Rider made his debut on January 1, 1954, and now, a new rider takes the reigns as the 56th student to fill the black boots. From 2017–2018, Mass Communications graduate student Laurie Tolboom will proudly ride as the iconic mascot.

“I love promoting Texas Tech and the Lubbock area. It’s an indescribable feeling, joining the ranks of all these amazing people that love Texas Tech as much as I do. To have my name on that list — that’s pretty exciting.” KCBD quotes Tolboom.

Tolboom has experience working with and riding horses from her childhood and time spent competing in the American Paint Horse Association and 4-H. As an undergraduate, she joined the equestrian team at the university and became part of the Masked Rider Field Safety Crew, making her the perfect choice for the next Masked Rider.