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Texas Tech Student Gets Pulled Aside by the TSA for Showing School Pride

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For those who aren’t savvy to Texas Tech traditions, students and alumni of the university use the “guns up” hand signal to express their school pride by holding out their pointer finger and thumb like a gun. When this is done in context, no one bats an eye. But, when a student recently showed her school pride at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, TSA didn’t get the reference.

According to NBC DFW, 19-year-old Diana Durkin saw someone wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt while in the airport security line so she used the “guns up” signal. Next, she felt a tap on her shoulder, and a TSA agent said, “You can’t throw a gun signal up in an airport,” and pulled her out of line.

MySA.com reports Durkin was very rattled and began apologizing immediately. She explained the situation and showed TSA agents her university ID, worried that she was going to jail.

Now, Durkin maintains a good perspective on the whole event, saying, “I’ve never dealt with a situation like that before. I am so very fortunate it was not worse, though. They let me off with a warning and I made my plane on time. I know that for others the situation could have been much more serious. I feel very fortunate. The TSA officers know I meant no harm, by the end of it I think they were kinda laughing too!”