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Texas Tech Suspicious Package Being Investigated by Bomb Squad

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Texas Tech University in Lubbock has issued an emergency alert saying that Texas Tech police are presently investigating what appears to be a suspicious package located in the area of their Talkington Hall Parking lot. In a statement issued on their social media platforms at 2:55 p.m., it was identified that the bomb squad was investigating the package. Students and faculty have been asked to avoid the area as a result. Residents, staff, and students have been monitoring school media awaiting further details. Talkington Hall is situated near the southeast corner of the Texas Tech campus close to 19th Street and Boston Avenue.

Breaking: Texas Tech Suspicious Package Being Investigated by Bomb Squad

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Additional updates will be released by Texas Tech University as they can be made available. Residents, staff, and students had previously been advised by an automated call that there was a bomb threat on the campus and that all buildings needed to be evacuated. A second notification from the school identified that the package was being investigated due to its suspicious nature, and that evacuation was no longer required for all buildings. Still, all people within the vicinity of Talkington Hall have been asked to avoid the area. As further details become known or are released, we will update this story.