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Texas Teen Launches YouTube Channel of Bad Drivers in Houston

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Texas teen Justin Welling launched a YouTube channel full of bad drivers around Houston, TX. Remember the song from “Cops” -“Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” Well, know it may be Welling driving behind you with a dashcam he has mounted on his windshield ready to capture any bad driving going on around town.

In an interview with ABC13, Welling stated, “I think sometimes we don’t notice our mistakes until you see what a person is doing.” Check out the trailer below for his “Caught on Camera Bad Drivers of Houston” YouTube channel.

Welling shared with ABC13 that he created the YouTube channel to show Houston Drivers how their behavior while driving can cause crashes. With over a dozen videos posted, each captures near misses, risky turns, and close calls.

Making a name for himself by capturing these bad drivers with his dashcam, Welling is inspiring others to do the same. By attaching one of these dashcam’s to your windshield, you can also feel secure knowing you have some sort of video protection in the event you are ever in an unfortunate crash and need evidence. Most of these dashcam’s cost less than $50.

This is one video you don’t want to be the star of if you haven’t already been caught, Yikes! For a complete list of videos tune into Caught on Camera Bad Drivers of Houston