Texas Teen Spends $600 on a Massive Homecoming Mum

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Sporting a huge Homecoming mum is a true Texas tradition that leaves the rest of the U.S. perplexed and in awe. We don’t settle for traditional corsages, and since everything is bigger in Texas, mums can reach impressively huge sizes. This year, a high school senior’s massive mum even inspired an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “In Texas You Don’t Wear a Corsage to Homecoming It Wears You.”

WFAA reports that Brittany Eicker of Alvarado High School went above and beyond for her special order mum she commissioned from Mums By Lisa. It took 15 hours to make, and $600 to purchase. But to Eicker, the price was totally worth spending the money she collected from working two jobs. She wanted something special for her senior year, and she knew her own mum making skills wouldn’t reach the heights she dreamed of, which measured about 5′ in length!

Incredibly, Eicker wore the piece the whole night. “You know the saying, ‘Go big or go home.’ You look at it and think, ‘Oh, your back is going to hurt.’ But my back or neck didn’t hurt, and I wore it from 8 a.m. until 11 that night,” she proudly told the news about her headline-worthy mum.