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Toddler Rushed to Dallas Hospital Following Dangerous Cottonmouth Bite

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When Sarah Nichols was watching her sons play in their backyard, she never thought that one would face life or death after receiving a cottonmouth bite.

In their backyard near Bullard, Texas, Nichols was keeping an eye on her two-year-old Eoin when he flipped over an empty flower pot. As he began pointing at something, Sarah told KHOU, that “it was just like lightning, I saw the snake lunge and bite his finger and it all just compounded after that.” The western cottonmouth nabbed him on the hand.

While she couldn’t identify the snake immediately, she took a picture of the snake and began stomping it after it tried to strike her. After taking her boys inside immediately, she called 911 for help. Medics rushed him to East Texas Medical Center, then a “Dallas children’s hospital where he received four rounds of anti-venom.”

Little Eion is recovering just fine, but it was definitely a frightening few hours for his mother, Sarah. Remember, always be cautious when outside, especially during this time of year.