Texas Toothpicks Are the Appetizer You Never Knew You’d Love So Much

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Posted on the Delish website, Texas Toothpicks are the backyard barbecue/Texas summer gathering appetizer you never knew you would love so much. Easy to make and certainly delicious, these tangy bites make perfect use of the beloved jalapeño in a practically effortless preparation process.

If you’re looking for something quick, which is a great complement to the meal you’re going to enjoy with family and friends, these little numbers are the perfect addition to your menu. Not only that, but their dipping sauce is simple, tasty, and helps to “calm the savage beast” when the heat from the pepper touches your taste buds! Delish has prepared a video that makes preparation instructions a breeze, and the entire recipe and details are also laid out on their site.

Texas Toothpicks

Texas Toothpicks Are the Appetizer You Never Knew You Would Love So Much


Key ingredients include:



Onion Powder




Making Texas Toothpicks will require some safe cooking measures, of course, considering they’re ultimately a deep-fried delicacy. Children won’t necessarily be able to cook these up with you unless they are of an appropriate age and are well-supervised. However, the result of your efforts following the directions on the Delish website will prove beyond even your own expectations! Take a walk on the wild side with this heat-filled appetizer that could quite possibly require a cold glass of milk as its accompaniment.