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A Texas Tour With Gypsy Cob Horses at Aunique Ranch

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More than 60 of America’s Champion and Well-Known Gypsy Cob Horses reside at Aunique Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, and you have the opportunity to tour and view them, learn about their breed, and watch them in a natural setting, in the wide open spaces of the ranch. With over 700 acres, Aunique Ranch offers tours throughout the week on just 100 of them (no small feat in itself!), allowing guests to spend two hours on this real working ranch to experience a real gypsy cob horse adventure.

A Texas Tour With Gypsy Cob Horses at Aunique Ranch

Photo: Facebook/Passion for beautiful Horses

Tours and overnight accommodations are required to be arranged in advance. However, the ranch offers several options to choose from, making the process easy, and well worth your while. There’s an 8 a.m. or 10 a.m. tour on which guests can ride along in a UTV or wagon to take photos of the horses out in the beautiful countryside of the ranch. And if you’re an early bird or a photographer, the ranch suggests the 8 a.m. tour as your best option to see these happy horses running in the fields, playing and grazing.

A Texas Tour With Gypsy Cob Horses at Aunique Ranch

Photo: Facebook/Polscy Fotografowie Koni

If you prefer to sleep in or visit the ranch later, the 10 a.m. tour boasts tranquil scenes of the Gypsy Cobs grazing in the fields, swimming in the pond, and rolling in the fields. Ranch staff will teach about the beautiful breed on each tour, including their history, as well as the opportunity to meet them in person. Aunique Ranch also identifies that the horses like to have some fun, so while you’re on tour you may get to witness their occasional antics.

A Texas Tour With Gypsy Cob Horses at Aunique Ranch

Photo: Facebook/I Love Horses

Each tour lasts for two hours, and the dress code is “casual country.” All tours are by reservation and fill up quite quickly, so guests are asked to reserve their spot early. There’s also an “enchanted forest” at Aunique Ranch for kids to visit and search for hidden creatures, and private tours for families or groups can also be arranged throughout the week. Time slots are available for these outings between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. For group or private tours, as well as all the other regular schedules and overnight stays, visit the Aunique Ranch website for more details, contact information, and a video clip of their 7-year-old, on-site “turkey whisperer” in action. It’s a real treat!

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