Texas Twin Babies Born in Different Years

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Twin boys were born at Medical City Arlington last weekend. CBS DFW says that one boy was born on Saturday, and the other followed shortly after midnight, making his debut into the world on Sunday. Not only will these boys have separate birthdays, they were also born in different years!

J’aiden Alexander Sanchez was born on December 31st, while his slightly younger brother, Jordan Xavier Sanchez managed to be the first baby born in the New Year at the Texas hospital. They’re the third set of twins on their father’s side of the family in their generation.

Freakonomics says that judging from how many of these rare occurrences of twins being born in different years are reported on the news, it “would suggest these events are as rare as 1 in 2 million. Someone visiting the Grand Canyon is more likely to die by falling off the edge (1 in 1.5 million).”

Though they go on to consider that perhaps many of theses incidents are not reported, don’t make the news, or that some people probably don’t even notice the exact minute their child is born. When they re-ran some numbers they decided that the likelihood is closer to 1 in 59,200. Even though it’s not as slim as the original odds, it’s still an interesting and unusual claim to fame for these families.