Texas on the Twitter Radar This Week: February 20, 2017

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Valentine’s Day got Texas Twitter fans all twitterpated (if you haven’t ever watched Walt Disney’s Bambi: 1) Were you born on the moon? 2) Watch it, and you’ll get that reference…) And the rest of the week was a mash up of sports, trucks, guns, and generally having a good time! There was even a Texas tweet on paying it forward – something Texas is synonymous with! Here is a list of this week’s top five Texas tweets.

1. We know how to do it right. All the rest of y’all, take notes.

2. You know you’ve done it…maybe once or twice.

3. When in Rome (well not Rhome, but you get where we’re going with this…)

4. This was just a great “feel-good” story. Props to Officer Jason Borne (yes, seriously.)

5. Okay, now that’s just funny.