Texas on the Twitter Radar This Week: March 13, 2017

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Wildfires in the Texas Panhandle brought out the best in Texas and surrounding states, with neighbors donating agricultural and home supplies, people stepping up to get those without homes shelter and food, and Texas in general just doing what it does best – helping where help is needed. There was, of course, the standard colorful humor in the mix (about our diets, and Texas life) but sometimes you need a little levity when times are tough. Here is a list of this week’s top five Texas tweets for the first full week of March 2017.

1. So amazing! You just never know.

2. Why, doesn’t everybody?

3. Ugh… Ain’t that the truth?!

4. Neighborly and giving back – just like any true Texan was raised up to be.

5. It was a devastatingly rough week in the Panhandle.