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Does Texas Make the Grade? Texas Universities Listed in New Global Rankings

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In a study prepared by the Center for World University Rankings, Texas universities have been stacked up against their counterparts (1,000 in total) around the globe in a report on who made the top grade. The level of competitiveness in the world of academia couldn’t be more apparent than here in the Lone Star State, where students (and sometimes their parents, on their behalf) compete fiercely for the honor of attending one of these monoliths of modern-day post-secondary magnificence. Now we have a study to prove exactly why!

Ranking universities around the world by their faculty, the quality of education, and the employability of their alumni, the Center for World University Rankings recognized 18 Texas universities in their listing. The listing took into account the number of research papers that were published and pending international patents, both of which would help effectively measure each school’s global impact. Texas medical schools ranked highly, together with some of the more visible public universities.

Does Texas Make the Grade? Texas Universities Listed in New Global Rankings

Photo: Facebook/The University of Texas at Austin

Of particular note is that five of our state’s universities ranked within the top 100, with those in the Texas Hill Country showing well. To offer a better perspective, the measuring stick with which schools were ranked around the world included such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford which ranged from one to five, respectively, in this listing.