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Texas Version of Cape Cod: Beachtown in Galveston

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Located along the shores of Galveston, TX lies a quiet, little, hidden treasure reminiscent of a Cape Cod getaway called Beachtown. Complete with Victorian-inspired homes, a quaint little cafe, and a beach that stretches for miles that seem at times an oasis all to yourself.

Nestled on the east end of Galveston Island where the porches of the homes are lit up as you walk along the wooden boards of the white covered railings down a long winding path leading straight to one of the best, unobstructed views of the ocean. It’s a complete paradise right along the Gulf Coast with all the comforts of home to want to make this your go-to beach vacation destination, a secret get-away not many tourists know about as we recently found out when asking a few friends from nearby Houston, TX if they heard about this gem.

1. The Architecture


Photo courtesy of Leah Riojas

Every attention to detail has been given in the beauty of the distinct architectural touches that tell a unique story of each home – from its towering rooftops to its charming and inviting porches that wrap around and welcome you through its front doors to a world of breathtaking interior designs. There’s a timeless beauty with the charm of Victorian homes located throughout Galveston, and keeping with its legacy and heritage adored by many. Touches of inspiration, as shared from its website, from towns such as Charleston, the Carolina Low Country, and New Orleans are clearly felt as you stand and admire each unique home.

The surrounding businesses, cafe, and, real estate are in keeping with the tone and creativity of the architecture of the area. You really feel as if you have stepped into another part of the world reminiscent of a cape cod cottage nestled away in its own realm of bliss.

2. Porch Cafe


Photo courtesy of Leah Riojas

Walking through the doors of the Porch Cafe in Beachtown is as if you have stepped into a restaurant along the shores of a sandy white beach in another town with quintessential touches such as patio seating with beautiful views, the perfect romantic lighting, and white linen table settings with a touch of southern charm as only Texas knows how to serve up.

From the staff to the manager to the hostess, you feel as if you walked into a gathering of family and friends waiting to make your dining experience a memorable one. Some of the best dishes in town are on the menu, from a savory Lemon Pepper Salmon to a house favorite of Chicken Sauvignon served with linguini and a tasty lemon caper sauce, which we thoroughly enjoyed on our visit. Top it off with a flourless chocolate cake that will leave you wanting more. Weddings, birthday celebrations, and more are perfectly set up to create a magical ambiance unlike any other for your guests. It’s a memorable event you won’t soon forget.

3. The Beach


Photo courtesy of Leah Riojas

The beach at Beachtown is a seemingly breathtaking view unlike most seen throughout Galveston. Unobstructed miles of unending ocean beauty waiting at the end of the winding bridge leading down into its wide open sandy beach leave in awe. This particular area of the beach, which seems wider and more inviting, is at times a peaceful and quiet alternative to the hustle and bustle of neighboring beaches and spots along Galveston’s seawall. According to its website, the beach here is “growing at a rate of 3 feet per year.”

Beachtown highlights the best of mother nature’s beauty right along the shorelines of the Gulf Coast. Some of the best sunrises to greet your day, along with some of the most majestic sunsets, will capture your heart as you walk along its path with the sound of the waves as the background music to your movie screen of memories to take with you for years to come.

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