‘If You Don’t Like Texas…’ Video Explains Why That Doesn’t Really Matter to Us

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Once again proving more eloquently than most of us can muster on a regular day, Chad Prather tells those that feel they aren’t very fond of our state just exactly why they should stay home. Without the use of expletives, “If you don’t like Texas…” is a brief yet poignant explanation on why that opinion doesn’t necessarily matter to Texans at all. Rattling off many an item we’re generally thankful for but probably needed only a gentle reminder of when listening to this video, Prather’s comments strike a chord. You’ll either extremely agree, or extremely disagree with many of his sentiments, and we’re wagering it’s the former. We’ll even venture a guess that if the possibility of charging a toll for people to enter into this state didn’t cross your mind before, after watching this video, you’re probably going to be one of its most powerful advocates!

Shared on Chad Prather’s YouTube Channel, this two-minute composition of all great things Texan or Texas-related will have you quietly making a mental checklist on just what it is you don’t like about the Lone Star State! Having ever heard from another individual that they’re not fond of your home in these United States is a blow to the heart, and for a Texan, cuts deeper than a bowie knife (which, ironically, was not invented in Texas.)