Home-Grown Texas Vodka: Living the Good Life

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Founded in April 1998, and operating in the same location for 20 years is Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Located in South East Austin, Texas, Tito’s Vodka is the “…fastest growing spirit brand in the country,” according to its website. “Available in all 50 states now, people love to tell their friends about the underdog distiller named Tito who makes an exceptionally smooth vodka and sells it at a fair price.”

Tito Beveridge is the founder and master distiller who owns his distillery without any investors or partners to date. His smooth blend of vodka has not only won the hearts of many around the world, but his brand has won the World Spirits Competition. The YouTube video below from the company’s website highlights Beveridge’s intriguing story and showcases his entrepreneurial spirit blazing through to create a name for his brand to be reckoned with.

“Texas and Vodka. When you put the two together you get something oh so wonderful,” boasts Tito’s website. Made in batches the old-fashion way in pot stills, Tito’s website shares they taste-test every batch to be sure you are getting only the best product.

A life-long dream of Tito’s, his unique brand of smooth vodka has put him on the map of spirit connoisseurs globally. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Beveridge gained his knowledge of making his blend of vodka by trial and error. “I got a bunch of pictures of old moonshiners and looked at a bunch of those photos and then kinda from looking at all those photos kinda just built a still that kinda looked like those stills. And then just kinda started cooking in that,” shares Beveridge on his website. “I just kept messing with it until I got to where everybody liked my vodka better than the other stuff you could buy at the time. I basically just kinda kept working at it and working at it.”

“Determination” is a good word to describe how Tito’s success has put Texas on the map of home-grown Vodka that is a cut above the rest. Somewhat of a philanthropist as well, Tito also supports a “Vodka for Dog People” program whose mission is to rescue and protect the pets that come into our lives. It’s a mission that strives to unite friends, fans, and partners to stand behind in providing safe environments for these pets to thrive in. According to the company website, visitors shouldn’t be surprised if you see a few of their furry four-legged friends alongside them in the distillery and office.

For more on Tito’s Handmade Vodka be sure to visit their website.