Texas Volunteers Sewing Mask Covers: How You Can Help

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Started on March 20, 2020, the Facebook group entitled “Texas Volunteers Sewing N95 mask covers Covid-19 Response” is a public group that presently has 419 members who volunteer in support of health concerns during the recent pandemic. In an effort to ensure medical personnel throughout the state of Texas are properly supplied with such mask covers, volunteers are asked to complete an online form and obtain access to the cheat sheet for the making of the mask covers.

Coordinating those with sewing skills as well as the desire to help, five Facebook group administrators work to ensure the latest details on fabric donations, patterns, and delivery are distributed to those wishing to assist. Anyone wanting to help with the COVID-19 and/or coronavirus response in Texas can help. “As you get 10 masks made, let your county coordinator know. If you don’t have a county coordinator, please email me at [email protected]… The only county coordinators I have right now are Travis, Williamson, Guadalupe and Collin. If you are in another county and sewing, until I get you a county coordinator, just email me when you have 10 mask covers,” today’s lead post said.

Texas Volunteers Sewing Mask Covers: How You Can Help

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All over the state, as well as throughout North America, those who are in good health and wishing to find purpose in respect to helping with anything to do with the COVID-19 or coronavirus efforts have done everything from sewing to food delivery, posting online activities, provided great social distancing tips and tricks for others to keep their sanity, and generally helped out wherever possible. Community groups have organized on social media for people to share details on donations, where the proper testing takes place, and how to work within the new bounds of our community limitations. If you’re wanting to help but not knowing how, or where to look has been an issue for you, an online search can quickly produce details.