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Texas Wind Energy Generation Blows Away Expectations

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Texas has 18,000 megawatts of wind energy and 5,500 more on the way, but all of this energy won’t have enough places to go without improved infrastructure. Unfortunately, Texas does not have a way to move this level of power for Texas residents to use. The only immediate solution is that the turbines will need to be shut down periodically.

This shortcoming certainly wasn’t the plan in 2014. It was thought that the turbines would easily reach Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio and would spark an energy revolution, but two years later it is evident that the planned infrastructure isn’t enough to get all of this power to the people. In fact, the $6.8 million Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) can only handle 18,500 MW.

Popular Mechanics repots that the United Kingdom and Chile had a similar issue with their wind energy, so Texas isn’t alone in this problem. As a solution, Texas will feed its energy to New Mexico instead of starting a new, costly infrastructure plan in the panhandle region. Popular Mechanics states that “Xcel announced a $400 million project to build wires that can reach New Mexico.”

This certainly is not the worst issue Texas can have, but it’s a surprising one nonetheless.