The Texas Wine Industry is Worth a Taste-Test: It Dates Back to the 1600s!

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Growing in leaps and bounds each year, the wine industry in Texas is now the fifth largest in the U.S. by state comparison. Last year’s GrapeFest in Grapevine highlighted many of the industry’s leading players and introduced a variety of newbies to the drink that is giving our state a stellar reputation as a wine growing region.

With over 400 producers of wine throughout the state (and the Texas Hill Country recognized as the second largest AVA in America), there’s something to be said for Lone Star State wine, and sommeliers are taking notice. Originally thought to be a flight of fancy, traditional wine drinkers need look no further than their history books to note that Texas has centuries of wine production and knowledge in its own backyard, dating back to the 1600s.

Although the California production of wine still dwarfs Texas in size, we’re becoming known far and wide for our quality. Our vineyards and wineries are earning a variety of accolades for their processes and product. As this video from the WFAA YouTube channel states, warmer-climate grapes that work well in Texas are cause for celebration in this respect – not forcing a grape to establish roots here that would never have done so otherwise has resulted in vast taste improvements over the life of the industry. If you haven’t yet had a taste of Texas wine, you’re in for a treat, as those of you who are familiar with it can attest. Cheers to Texas wine and the ongoing process of improvement and change in this great state of ours.