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Texas Wine Lover to Collaborate with TexasHillCountry.com

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By Jeff Cope

We have exciting news to announce! After five years since founding the Texas Wine Lover blog to become the premier website for Texas wine news and information, Texas Wine Lover will be collaborating with TexasHillCountry.com to provide articles of expertise about Texas wine.

I personally have visited over 270 Texas wineries over the years, so I know what makes a great experience for people at a Texas winery, including popular wines. I am excited to share my knowledge with the readers of TexasHillCountry.com.

Texas Wine Lover has also become more than one or two people working on a website. We now have a dedicated team of three people and five contributing writers. One member of the team and other writers live in the Hill Country, so they know Texas Hill Country wineries and wine, too.

In fact, team member Jeremy Wilson recently wrote an article called “Sulfites: The Truth.” I submitted his article to the 2016 Millesima Blog Awards, which has both categories for the United States and Europe, and it is now one of the 24 finalists in the awards. What’s even better is for the category we’re in, we only have to get the most number of votes out of four posts. That’s it, just four! And, if we win out of our category of four posts, we win a trip to Bordeaux, France! How cool is that? But we can’t do it without you!

For TexasHillCountry.com’s newest group of wine writers, we could use your help to win this award… and send us to France!

The voting ends on Feb. 26th, so we would appreciate your vote right now while it’s still fresh in your mind. The contest is being held on Facebook. So make sure you’re logged into Facebook and simply go to https://fcld.me/qhKOOl and select Texas Wine Lover in the Wine and Technology category. By voting, you’ll also get a discount code from Millesima.

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