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Texas Woman Shares Stocked Free-Standing Pantry in Her Front Yard

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DFW CBS recently highlighted an incredible project of generosity a Texas woman installed in her front yard. Teri Youngdale of McKinney curated a free-standing food pantry stocked with goods that people are encouraged to take if they need them.

After becoming inspired by similar ventures she saw on Facebook, Youngdale built the small, organized pantry and began running a social media page to let people know when it’s stocked up and how they can help the project be successful.

On October 9th, she posted on The Red Door Pantry’s Facebook page, “I have created a couple of birthday cake kits and placed them in the pantry. They include a cake mix, 3 eggs, icing, and candles. Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday. You will also find fresh bread, pb&j, veggies and fresh eggs from my chickens. Please let those in need know we are here.”

Youngdale is highlighting the important issue of people struggling with hunger and not being able to feed themselves or their families sufficiently. She’s also reminding everyone who has a full belly that they’re fortunate and can find a way to easily give.

Many would worry about the pantry becoming “overused” by someone taking all of the items. Unfortunately, it has occurred once, but that hasn’t stopped The Red Door Pantry from moving forward.