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Texas Woman Wakes up to 8-Foot Alligator on Porch

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Around 6 a.m. in Richmond on March 17, an alligator moseyed up to Heather Tejada’s porch and just wanted to have some breakfast. The renowned Gator Squad soon arrived.

In Fort Bend County, an alligator sighting happens every so often. However, it’s fairly rare for one to wander up right to a home’s back door, begging for breakfast. Heather Tejada, the homeowner who called Gator Squad for the gator’s pick up, told ABC13 that, “You could see his tail through the door. I looked out the window; he was right up against the back wall.”

Christy Kroboth, who made headlines this past fall after wrangling an alligator from a parking lot, arrived on the scene to capture it for relocation. She told ABC13 that now is the time when gators are coming out of hibernation and on the hunt for food sources. “This one clearly has been fed and has lost its fear of humans. He put up a bit of a fight” before Christy could wrangle him.

The gator was captured and will be relocated to a farm just for hungry, semi-friendly gators in El Campo. The homeowner, Heather Tejada, is considering erecting a fence around her yard since they’ve seen an influx of alligators in the area over the past year.