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Texas YMCAs Took Part in World’s Largest Swimming Lesson

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Instructors at YMCAs throughout Texas worked together as part of “The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson,” on Thursday, June 21! June 21 marked the official start of summer. When that summer sun beats down, the majority of us look to cool off in the form of a swim. However, without proper water safety know-how and swimming strength, the number of deaths as a result of drowning in Texas might shock you.

To date, in 2018, Help For Parents, Hope For Kids have stated that 45 drowning deaths have already occurred in the state of Texas. 87 percent of those have been children 9 years of age and under, and Tarrant County has been identified as having the highest number of drowning deaths at seven. The YMCAs throughout Texas, including the Hill Country region, not to mention across the country, are looking to change that. In 2017, over 40K children and adults across America participated in their free swimming lessons.

The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson Taking Place at a YMCA Near You

Photo: Facebook/Bob Buckhorn

Jaquelyne Kotar, an Aquatics Specialist at the YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth, explained, “After children ages one to four have had formal swim lessons, they are 88 percent less likely to drown. First and foremost, get your kids into formal swim lessons. The more familiar they are in the water, the more they’re going to be able to overcome those situations when they get scared or in trouble because they are familiar and they know what to do.” During the event, instructors at YMCAs throughout the state were providing parents with coupons for future swimming lessons. For those who are not in the immediate vicinity of a participating YMCA, check with your local parks and recreation association or community healthy living units for details on swimming lessons near you. Given the opportunity, participate with your children in swimming lessons for family water safety. Let’s make Texas aware and safe!