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The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of…Dinosaurs?

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The official groundbreaking ceremony for the new Bandera Natural History Museum took place on February 17, 2015, effectively changing what was the Bandera Exotic Wildlife Museum into an international education and art exhibit filled with life-sized dinosaur replicas, ranging from 200 lbs. to one ton! Now set to open its doors for business on June 18, the Texas Hill Country will once again come alive (pardon the pun) with animals that have been extinct for quite some time.

The Doyouthinkhesaurus



One year after the formal ceremony, these giants of yesteryear were being hoisted by crane onto park grounds to be properly placed for display and educational form. Featuring dinosaurs that were created by Jose Edid, an artist who completed work on the sets of Night at the Museum and Jurassic Park, one of the more interesting components is said to be a skeleton of a torosaurus which was also used in the former of the two.

A Dinosaur of a Different Color



Having reached completion of all ground and display setup, the museum staff are getting their final grand opening details in order for the big day, with is coming this Saturday. Anticipating a wide range in ages of patrons for their opening day and beyond, museum staff feel that this change in direction will reflect their mission with a broader lens and international focus.

It’s All in the Details


Photo: Bandera Natural History Museum Facebook Page

For more information on grand opening festivities, what to expect from the museum and details behind each of the exhibits, visit their website at or check out their Facebook page for current social media updates. And make sure you wear your replica rubber boots in case you step in a replica dinosaur patty!

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