Come Aboard the Iconic Train in Minute Maid Park in Houston Texas

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Tony Maples Photography


The iconic Train at Minute Maid Park is a staple among Houston Astros games as it runs each time a home run is hit. Run by conductor Bobby Vasquez who goes by the name “Bobby Dynamite,” it has the best view in the ballpark as he runs the replica of a 1860s locomotive as shared in the video below.

The train’s whistle is a welcomed sound at each game you attend and those familiar with Minute Maid know that means the Astros just scored a home run. Just as hot dogs, popcorn, and nachos are a given at any game, so too is the welcoming “Choo, Choo” of the whistleblowing of the train as it moves onward cheering the Astros on another winning score.

As the World Series was in full swing, the iconic train garnered much attention and plenty of rides down its tracks as home runs weren’t lacking in the games from the Astros players.

According to espn.com, “…the train runs 90 feet above the ground beyond the left-field wall at Minute Maid Park.” Vasquez’s attire includes “…overalls and an orange Houston Astros T-shirt.” He runs the train as the Astros take to the field at the beginning of the first inning and for each home run. A little fun fact shared by espn.com is, “…considering the Astros scored more runs (896) this season than any team since the 2009 New York Yankees, Bobby Dynamite has logged a lot of miles in the choo-choo.”

“Vasquez, who got his nickname because he used to do the dance that was popularized in the movie ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ has been driving the Astros’ train for 17 years. He has missed only 13 games — none since 2003. His ‘office’ is on the train — a small compartment with room for two benches flanking a control panel,” shared ESPN.

The train is a welcome and unique site to Minute Maid Park marking it as one of the most historic ballparks you will visit. It makes the experience of watching a ball game all the more magical and interesting. The ballpark is built on Union Station and is a tribute to the role trains played in Houston, Texas history dating back to the 1800s according to the video. “Union Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places,” states houstonsports.org. More information can be found here.