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The King is Back: Hulu Picks Up all 13 Seasons of King of the Hill

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At the beginning of this month, Hulu announced it would begin streaming all 13 seasons of the animated comedy King of the Hill. The show was set in the fictional community of Arlen, Texas, and the character of “propane and propane accessories” salesman Hank Hill is a favorite of anyone from the Lone Star State.

While re-runs of the show aired periodically on channels such as Comedy Central, now fans can binge watch the Hill clan’s shenanigans from beginning to end all in one place.

The King is Back: Hulu Picks Up all 13 Seasons of King of the Hill

Photo: Facebook/King of the Hill

Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Luanne, and their eclectic mix of friends and family first aired in 1997. The characters from Arlen, Texas, won the hearts of people across the nation with their earnest portrayal of a suburban family trying to navigate the complexities of life with a little bit of redneck comedy.

The creators of King of the Hill were not afraid to bring real-world issues into the make-believe lives of the Hill clan. From voting to puberty and everything in between, each challenge was met with sincerity, if not a bit of naivety. The show was ultimately canceled in 2010, after winning two Emmy Awards and earning countless other award nominations.

If you just can’t wait to watch all 259 episodes of what has been dubbed the “most down-to-earth animated program ever broadcast,” follow this link to begin streaming on Hulu.